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Manifest it All Bundle + Manifestation Planner

A masterclass on Manifesting all the things at the same time.

A step-by-step breakdown of my  framework to call in your dream life NOW

+Vision Creation

+Holding space

+Increasing energetic capacity to manifest bigger things

+Action list

+Manifestation Planner

+Reflections Workbook

and more..

Buy Now for $22 (Save over $170)

Lakshmi Mantra

Lakshmi is the Goddess of abundance and prosperity.

This is a bundle on how you can work with Lakshmi to call in abundance into your life.This bundle includes ancient Indian spiritual practices of working with Goddess Lakshmi for prosperity in all areas of your life.


+ Introduction Training

+ Mantra meditations

+ How to practice the Mantra meditation

+ Mantras

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The Money Bundle 

The Money bundle includes 

+Money manifestation Challenge (Valued at $333)

+ Manifesting multiple sources of income masterclass (Valued at $77)

+Activation process to call in money through multiple sources (Valued at $55)

+Goddess Lakshmi - Bundle (Valued at $155)

(Over 16 video trainings + money actions and embodiment practices)

(Valued over $600)

Practically Spiritual - Money Edition

We have enough people talking about money is energy and you have to invest more

than you make to call in the cash

And not enough people talking about the practical aspects of wealth creation 

+creating multiple streams of income

+Money management , Budgeting

+Financial decision making


+Investing and not just in coaches

Truth is you cannot manifest wealth with broken patterns and broken understanding

on the practical aspect of money.

So, here I present to you a practically spiritual money course to actually ground and expand your wealth creation in the 3D.

Practicality + Energetics to manifest abundance

This will be a live program in January.

Valued at ($777)

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**Please Note : you will gain access to all purchases in 48 hours

All payments are final

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