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Affirmations 101

Affirmations are the easiest tool to turn your life around.How to use them in your life?

If you're one of those people who have wondered ,what are affirmations?What do they even do? why are they actually a big deal? Do they work?

Well, you have come to the right place because we are going to be answering all these questions.

So what are affirmations? Well they are basically positive affirmative statements you can say to yourself.

Well, if you're here wondering what the hell would I want to talk to myself.You might actually want to, because they play a pretty big role in reprogramming our mind.

We all live our lives based on our thoughts beliefs and our mind.Think about it. Day in Day out we all make 100s of decisions with our brain.What do want for breakfast what to do.

Most of the decisions are based on our beliefs in the subconscious mind. Well, i you didn't know our subconscious mind makes up pretty much 95% percent of the brain. It's like the iceberg our conscious is 5% and the subconscious is the major chunk.

So if you've had a scary experience near water when you were a kid, you grow up and you have an aversion or fear of getting into the water. Maybe you don't like pasta because you had a horrible memory of an incident which happened when you were eating pasta when you were a kid, our subconscious mind is basically programmed with all those thoughts and beliefs.

Introducing our star ‘Affirmations”.

They are a great way to reprogram your mind, your subconscious mind

Our mind hates anything unfamiliar, because the unfamiliar is unsafe.

The mind was designed to help us survive and its on red alert most of the time, its not aware that we are in pretty safe times where we dont have to be on the lookout for danger like the early man.

So essentially the mind wants to protect us and keep us safe, so that's why you feel afraid when you want to do something new.

When you start hearing something over and over again, it stops becoming unfamiliar to the mind and theres less resistance towards that belief and your mind eventually adopts that belief.

Now, let's look at some affirmations.

So, here are some great affirmations

  • I am worthy

  • I am lovable

  • I am enough

  • I am wealthy

  • I am beautiful

The thing with affirmations is they have to be an ‘affirmative’ statement.

It can't be I am not ugly. The mind then just hears the word ugly.

It doesn't process the NOT. We need to say positive statements.

So, you can use them however you want.

  • You can read them out in front of a mirror

  • You can write them out in your journal

  • You can repeat them in your head

  • You can listen to guided affirmations during your morning commute or at home while you're getting ready

This is what I did when I started out and just the practice of listening to them during my commute made a drastic difference.

So, if you're new I would recommend you listen to guided affirmations in the morning.

If you want any specific recommendations or the ones i listen to, do shoot me an email or dm me on instagram and i will get right back to you.

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