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What is manifestation? Is it real?

Manifestation is the process of bringing something into your physical reality.

Newsflash: Manifestation is real.

Your thoughts literally shape your reality.

Now, that we've established that. Let's break it down.

Manifestation is more common known as the law of attraction popularised by the book the secret.But they are not one and the same.

Law of attraction is the simply that like attracts like and it applies to positive and negative thoughts etc.

The Secret talks about the law of attraction and it says like attracts like.

So, good thoughts attract good things into your life and your thoughts are like magnets.

Well I hear you going Yeah, right!!

If only it was as simple as that.

Well let me say, it is as simple as that.

Also, I want to ask you how simple or easy is it for you to have good thoughts? and by thoughts I don't mean surface level statements. I mean, deep beliefs from the core of your very being.

The secret also goes into using the law of attraction, so you decide what you want and you believe and you visualise it and it happens.

You can manifest anything you want into your life.

A new job, that car, more money, a louisvuitton bag.


Also, you are manifesting always, even now.

Your thoughts and beliefs have guided your actions and all of these have literally created your reality.The reality you are in NOW.

This is where many of you will strongly decide all of this is of course NOT REAL, because I didn't want these problems and I didn't create this.I am in this position today because of my mom, dad, boss, my background, education etc etc etc.If you are please do read on.

Well, let's just conveniently leave out the above two statements for now and just think for a moment, WHAT IF manifestation is real?WHAT IF you can manifest that dream job or more money or better friends and co-workers, that vacation or well anything.I challenge you to pick a small thing and manifest that or even just start using affirmations in your daily life.

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