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A free 3 day experience combining science and spirituality to bring in a holistic approach to heath and healing

Speakers & Topics

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Ashley is a leading Human Design Expert, trained by Ra's personal students, helping soul aligned revolutionary leaders step into exponential wealth & impact using Human Design. Ashley is also a Psychology graduate & Astrologer helping her clients unleash their particular brand of crazy for magnetism, wealth & sovereignty in business. Ashley is the founder of the Quantum Human Design Coaching Academy Certifications, mentoring those called to be messengers of the Human Design system.

Ashley Briana Eve

Rachel White is a coach for the ambitious woman who desires to bring her creative ideas to life and lead massive impact while deeply connecting to herself. Integrating ease, pleasure, and prosperity into all areas of her life. Rachel is two-time published author, speaker and creator of the Spirited Leaders brand including the podcast and virtual magazine.

Rachel previously worked professionally as an accountant while being involved in many community organisations, she now infuses her professional background with her love of personal development, business, community and spirituality, creativity and leadership to help others also create a life of freedom where they get to be their whole self and make an impact in the world.

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Rachel White


activating your soul remembrance

Aishu is a mindset, manifestation coach and multidimensional energy healer. She has manifested her entire business and created her dream life.  She is passionate about helping her clients step into their power and live a life of wealth and abundance in all areas of their life.She believes in practical spirituality, simplifying spiritual practices for your everyday life combined with a dash of science.


Vanessa Jasper is a prior hairstylist entrepreneur of 23 yrs, now turned yoga teacher and energetic alignment coach, speaker, and 8 yr post liver transplant recipient. She lives in Mesa, Arizona. Married 18 years, and has two teenage children, and is dedicated to helping people as well as living the life she desires!


Power of Presence and Yoga Nidra Meditation

Vanessa Jasper

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Galactic Shamanism for Abundance, Business & Leadership

Libby Wallace is a Galactic Business Coach, Shamanic Practitioner, Healer and coach for soul led entrepreneurs. She is the founder of Libby Wallace Worldwide and co-founder of several social initiatives.

Libby Wallace

Viola Hug is a channel and psychic expansion coach, published author, and podcaster. She works with six-figure spiritual leaders by helping them tap into their soul consciousness, tuning into their spirit team, human design, shadow work and business.

Viola and her husband traveled the world for almost 2 years as digital nomads, meaning while they travelled the world she built and grew her multiple-six-figure business online with energetic alignment and intuition, before settling in Canada and having a cute AF baby.

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embracing duality in life & Biz

Viola Hug

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