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Money Manifestation Challenge

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What this program is

his program is a 30 day challenge with the intention of making wealth a habit in your daily life.

It fuses the practical with the spiritual with intentional focus on integration so you actually get to embody your highest self in alignment with the abundance you desire.

The journey to that is broken down into daily actionable steps to ensure you can make it a part of your day to day life (no matter how busy you are) and by embarking on this journey and doing the daily challenges you become your next level self.

We cover the practical stuff like budgeting, compounding and also the mindset stuff such as your self sabotaging limiting beliefs and going beyond the mind into shadow work to understand and break out of your existing money patterns holding you back from wealth.


Some topics include:

  • Multiple sources of income

  • Compounding

  • Aligned opening

  • Making money decisions

  • Expanding your channels of receiving money

  • Identifying your money patterns and healing them and so much more….

This is for you if you are...

  • Anyone who has done several money programs and hasn’t got sustainable results

  • Anyone who desires to change your financial reality by becoming your next level self

  • If you are completely new to manifestation and desire to be wealthy

  • Anyone and everyone who is looking for a sustainable approach to becoming your most abundant self

  • You are manifesting money but sending it right out the door with your spending patterns

This is NOT for you if you are...

  • Anyone looking for q quick hack on the lines of write an affirmation / repeat a mantra for 30 days to manifest wealth

  • That is not sustainable.

  • We are here to change who you are at a mindset, energetic and physical level and become a more aligned version of you at all levels to ensure you exist on the frequency of wealth you desire and then of course, when you are abundance, you attract abundance.

Because you manifest who you are, not what you want.


If you do a meditation but every time you have to pay money if your stomach drops a little that’s just not an energetic match to wealth.


  • Is there a community aspect in this program?No.

  • How long do I have access to the content? Lifetime access

  • Is this a live program? It has pre-recorded content (podcast style) and

  • How do I access the content? You can access the content on the manifestation weekly website with your password

  • What if I don’t agree with Aishu ? Take what resonates and leave the rest behind

  • I have already attended some money manifestation programs. Is the content going to be the same? The concepts of manifestation are universal and therefore though you might find similarities, you can be assured this is not a regurgitation of what you can find on the internet or in another program.


  • All payments are final

  • No refunds as this is a digital product and as you gain access to the content on purchase, it’s considered used and no refunds.

  • No exceptions.

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