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High vibes and manifestation

Everything is energy.

Your thoughts, your feelings, any object you see in the world like a table chair, even your own body is made of 99% energy.

We are all energetic beings and everything has a certain frequency, a vibration attached to it.

Each feeling is associated with a vibration.

Shame, guilt, anger, jealousy, hopelessness are all low vibe feelings.

Love happiness joy gratitude are some of the high vibe feelings.

Our thoughts create emotions and when we feel certain emotions in our body, we vibrate at a certain frequency.

Love and gratitude are the highest vibrations, and when you are calibrated with either of these you really are in alignment with whatever you choose to manifest.

Staying in alignment with your desires is one of the fastest ways to manifest your desires.

When you are in a low vibe, you are not an energetic match for your desires.

Okay great, now that we know all this information, how do we actually use this in our day to day life.

First, we need to be aware of our thoughts and emotions.

This is easier said than done if you are just starting out because we are so used to not paying attention to ourselves and the reactions. We just let our mind run rampant.

Also, the next time you are angry with someone and you think it's totally justified because they were wrong and they did the mistake, remember it's your vibe which is being impacted.Your vibe is dropping low and you may have taken two steps forward towards your manifestation and now you just go one step back. Is being righteous in our anger worth that?

Secondly, once we are aware that we are maybe angry or upset or irritated, don’t be hard on yourself. Rather celebrate that you are actually aware of this and now that you know you can shift yourself. Remember, few days ago you wouldn't have even paid attention to your thoughts and feelings and decided to shift it.

So now that we know we are in a space of low vibration, take a moment, allow yourself to feel it, accept it and let it go and reaffirm yourself that you're okay. Walk around, work out, dance, do some kind of physical activity because emotions are just energy in motion.

It's Important to note that we do not want to avoid what we are feeling just because we decided we are gonna be high vibe AF!!

High Vibin' it

  • Play some calming music

  • Play sound healing

  • Set an intention and drink water

  • Dance party

  • Call a friend

  • Listen to affirmations

These are some of the items on my list to shift out of low vibes. I recommend you to make your own list.Also, do share your lightbulb moments or your high vibin’ it list with me.I would love to know. Tag me @themanifestationweekly on Insta.

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