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How to manifest anything?

We are going to be looking at my tried and tested process of manifestation.

You can manifest anything, a car, a job , more money, better work environment, having a great day, the possibilities are just endless.

Manifestation is the process of bringing something into your reality.

The process to manifest anything is the same.

  • Get clear on what you want to manifest and why you want it

  • Get as specific about it as possible.

  • Do you believe it's yours?If you have any doubts or fears or limiting beliefs around it, write it down.

  • Take each belief and ask yourself is this absolutely true? Why do I believe it's true? Prove yourself wrong.

  • Write down affirmations or visualise.

  • Take Inspired action.

Let's break this down even more using an example, Suppose I’m manifesting a job.

For beginners,I recommend writing down the thing you are manifesting because it's then easy for you to remain consistent in your vision.

First I am manifesting a job at XYZ company because I like that company and it seems like a good fit for me.

Next, we get really specific.I have a great team, an amazing supervisor, flexible work timings, my work is interesting.

Moving on to limiting beliefs, Okay, first thing which comes up is like that's crazy.You cant have a good team and a great supervisor.Thats just not possible.

How do you I know that's the ultimate truth?

Why do I believe that?

Because thats what other people have said, my friends complain about their managers, memes on social media etc.

Does that mean that a good manager does not exist? Can I think of any one example of a good manager.

YES! Even if you have 100 examples of bad managers and 1 example of the good manager.

Choose to believe that one example.

Visualise you getting that job, working in that company.Having a great time, laughing with your co-workers etc etc.

Write down affirmations.

  • I am happy and grateful for my job at XYZ company

  • I love my job

  • I have a great team and manager

Now, for the last step, take action.

Apply for the job, prepare for the interview.

DO your part.

Well, now that you know how to manifest anything, Go on and get manifesting!!

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